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It gives us great pride to belong to the family of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, which is one of the oldest and largest colleges of the University of the Suez Canal, where the college graduates veterinarians  who contribute significantly to the development of livestock,  to provide safe food and healthy human being, and maintain  health and protect it from common diseases transmitted to  him from the animal. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine plays  an important role in community service through convoys organized by the veterinary college, work seminars Guidelines for breeders and those interested in animal production. The college offers bachelor's degree in veterinary medical science and master's and doctoral degrees in all disciplines in the science of Veterinary Medicine.
The college also participates in resolving many of the environmental and health problems related to animal and human health. The college has the exchange of scientific with colleges Egyptian counterpart and colleges related (Science - Agriculture - Medicine - Dentistry - Pharmacy), as well as its many scientific agreements with colleges Arab and foreign research institutes and departments of Veterinary Medicine area of the canal and Sinai. We receive the full support of the President of the University, who spared no effort in the continued support of the college, for his Excellency all of the family of the college thanks, appreciation and respect.
My best wishes of luck to all faculty and staff members and my best wishes to my son students for continuous achievement and success.

Dean Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Fares
The faculty of veterinary medicine, suez canal university offers advanced educational programmes in both  bachelor and post-graduate studies with the aim of graduating veterinarians and researchers of distinctive professional, research and high technical level. this will in turn corresponds to the requirements of the labor market in the areas of livestock, fisheries,  poultry, public health and food safety in addition to supporting scientific research and research projects to maintain the health of domestic animals and wildlife, while observing ethics and stressing on the effective participation in community service and environment development.
The faculty of veterinary medicine, suez canal university is a pioneer faculty on the local, regional and international level and is capable of achieving the utmost level of competition, excellence and continuous improvement in veterinary medical education, scientific research and community service.